Our Story

This business was conceived while sitting on the beach in Plum Island, Massachusetts. My wife and I were talking about how to keep track of when to reapply sunscreen to our young and active two children, who are also very fair skinned. 

Because of our concern around sunburns, we were applying sunscreen more often than needed. If you have ever wrestled active children to put on sunscreen, you know that this was not a pleasant experience! When to reapply was constantly on our mind. My wife finally had enough. She was tired of looking for her watch, which she keeps in her bag to avoid tan lines! Bringing to the beach the cell phone was a tricky situation because of the worry of sand getting everywhere. Constantly thinking about when to cover the children in sunscreen was definitely taking away from enjoying beach and family activities.  

If only there was something simple, something we did not have to remember to bring or figure out how to use.  This was the inception of the Block-Clock.  A sunscreen reminder that has only two buttons!!! One for swimming and one for dry conditions both times associated with recent FDA guidelines for reapplication times.

Having this device connected to the sunscreen bottle allows just a press of a button and without worry, have fun in the sun!